The Science of Life

Ayurveda is a medical system and living style, originated in Indian subcontinent and is flourishing for the past 5000 years or more, providing health care to the majority of Indian Population. At present the system is proliferating throughout the world. The global awareness of Ayurveda is growing gradually and there is high global demand for services of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic Medicines command National and International markets. The demand for Ayurveda graduates is ever growing domestically and internationally.

Ayurveda is a scientific system of medicine based on tradition and Indian philosophy. The philosophy of Ayurveda is to lead a long, happy and benevolent life without miseries. For this Ayurveda uses drugs, diet and regulate activities.

Ayurveda has two major fields, the preventive field and curative field. Ayurveda believes that the health of the healthy can be bettered and positive health could be attained.

Ayurveda is a comapartively safe system of medicine as adverse reactions and side effects are very rare in the case of Ayurveda medicines.

There are various medical and surgical procedures in Ayurveda. Massage, oiling, fomentation, enemata etc., are medical procedures. Application of alkaline thread (in fistula and piles), bloodletting, thermal cauterization etc. are surgical procedures.

There are eight classical clinical branches for Ayurveda. They are:-

→ General Medicine (kaya-chikitsa)
→ Pediatrics(bala- chikitsa)
→ Psychiatry (bhoota-vidyaa)
→ Surgery (salya-tantra)
→ Treatment of head and neck – eye, ear, nose, etc., (salakya-tantra)
→ Toxicology (agada-tantra)
→ Reguventation Therapy (rasayana – tantra)
→  Reproductive medicines(vajeekarana-tantra)

At present there are specializations in these branches as well as new clinical branches and non- clinical branches. The non – clinical branches are:-

→ Pharmacology (dravya-guna)
→ Pharmacy (bhaishajya-kalpana)
→ Chemical medicine(rasa-tantra)
→ Basic Principles
→ Preventive and social medicines (svastha-vrtta)

Traditionally in Kerala there are some specialization such as:

→ Pancha-karma (5 medical operations)
→ Netra-chikitsa (ophthalmology)
→ Visha-chikitsa (clinical toxicology)
→ Marma-chikitsa (tramatology)
→ Bala-chikitsa (pediatrics)

Ayurveda utilizes various medical preparations such as decoct ions (extract of anything got by boiling), medicated oils and ghees, pills, jam like preparations and powders for treating patients. Internal medicine as well as external applications are used. Modern dosage forms such as tablets, capsules extracts etc. are also in vogue. Now many companies are manufacturing proprietary Ayurveda medicines in brand names.

Though the popularity of Ayurveda was reduced in the past due to foreign rule, after independence it is nearing to its past glory.

Because of the enhanced popularity and increased job opportunity in the field there is high demand for the seats in Ayurveda Colleges both for the undergraduate and postgraduate courses and admission to the courses is regulated by the entrance examinations conducted by the State Government.