Nangelil Ayurveda Medical College Hospital

The Hospital is manned by sufficient qualified medical and paramedical staff.
There are facilities for OPD and IPD under various teaching Departments.
The hospital is charitable and subsidized by the College and the charges levied are minimal.
Apart from the wards, paid single and double rooms are also available.
Nangelil Ayurveda Hospital is renowned for its orthopedic excellence and attached to college hospital. There are 120 beds facilities with separate male and female wards in the hospital

Important Treatments being conducted in the hospital :

  • Snehapana
  • Choornasweda
  • Patrapindasweda
  • Dhara ( oil, Takra etc.)
  • Shashtika pinda sweda
  • Panchakarma Kriya karmas etc.
  • Kerala speciality treatments like chavittu uzhichil etc.

OPD & IPD Departments of Hospital

    OPD –functioning daily from 9 am to 11 am

  1. Kayachikitsa
  2. Panchakarma
  3. Salya Thantra
  4. Salakya Thantra
  5. Prasoothi Thantra
  6. Koumarabhrithya
  7. Swastharakshan
  8. Atyayika( Casuality)

Hospital facilities

  1. Physiotherapy Treatments
  2. Laboratory facilities
  3. Facilities for Surgery attached to Salya thantra, Salakya thantra &Prasoothithantra
  4. X Ray, ECG, USG Facilities
  5. Hospital Pharmacy facilities with manufacturing of medicines
  6. Full fledged Panchakarma Theatre -6 nos.
  7. Yoga  facilities
  8. Para surgical Facilities for Kriya karmas like Rakthamoksha etc.
  9. Well maintained Dispensary
  10. Clean and Purified Drinking Water facilities.
  11. Computerized Systems

Major Sections :

  1. Hospital Superintendent Room
  2. Resident Doctors Room
  3. Physiotherapist Room
  4. Ksharasutra Section
  5. Full fledged Panchakarma Theatre-6 nos.
  6. Central Laboratory
  7. Pharmacy
  8. Operation Theatre attached to Salya, Salakya & Prasoothi
  9. Record & Store Room
  10. Kitchen and Canteen
  11. Recovery Room
  12. Doctors duty Room
  13. Nurses Duty Room

Our speciality

Special marma department which handle Fractures, dislocation, trauma etc.

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